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Chris Whitelaw Photography



I am a freelance photographer based in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

In another life I was a lawyer with a keen interest in photography, but some years ago I made a career change to give my creative side more room to play.

In 2009, I graduated from the Australian National University with a degree in Visual Arts (Photomedia). At that time, I received the PhotoAccess Residency and Exhibition Award under the Emerging Artist Support Scheme and, with a grant from ArtsACT, undertook a photo-documentary on the killing fields of East Timor. The resulting portfolio, titled The Shades of November, was first exhibited at the Huw Davies Gallery in 2010-11 and is scheduled for further exhibition in May 2013 in Darwin and again in September at Hervey Bay.

My twin passions are travel and photography. Travel opens the way for myriad opportunities to experience and record new and exotic places. I enjoy being mobile in the field and use an easy photographic style, exploiting natural light to give my subjects a realistic feel.

Being naturally inquisitive, I love investigating the world around me, where I am inspired to capture images of everything I see. In this way I have developed portfolios as diverse as panoramic landscapes, urban street scenes, nature in the wild, ancient and modern architecture, creating images ranging from abstract to realism, in monochrome or vivid colour.

I enjoy telling stories through my images and have undertaken several major photo-documentaries covering a wide range of subjects, including the killing fields of East Timor, chronic population pressures in Hong Kong, wind farm technology in the rural environment and the influence of Buddhism in contemporary Sinhalese culture. Through these projects my aim is to bear witness to the lives and issues facing ordinary people and to share their stories using simple language and memorable images.

Chris Whitelaw Photography